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OPEN TRIALS RESULTS - Wednesday May 24th

Congratulations to the players listed below who are through to the second and last stage of the BBFC trials.

Players will be contacted by BBFC Staff about attending another session or training with our existing age group squads.

Players not listed below are welcome to try out again in the future. There are also plenty of other clubs in the area to join. If you contact the Sports Development Department of your local Borough Council they will have a list of other clubs locally.

Trials Results - Wednesday June 14th

YEAR 1 - Marley Burgess, Jakub Casewski, Fraser Gormley, Ollie Rolfe


YEAR 3 - Malek Campbell, Fraser Gillbe, Jack Hibbert, Jude Hunt, Elijah Pinder

YEAR 4 - Joshua Sarkodee, Kai Watson

YEAR 5 - Joshua Armstrong, Miciah Markus, Kristian Meka, Yousef Mezenner, Kelvin Okuns

YEAR 6 - Malachi Reed, Felix Vilasecal

YEAR 7 - Kieran Fogg, Alex Kirby, Joseph Lansbury, Jayden Morro, Ronald Siameh, Oliver Stobee

YEAR 8 - Max Diment, Henry Kaba, Kadjo Kadio, Oliver Napoli, Jack Pollintine-Smith, Finlay Simpson-Last, Leonard Tuderache, T’Shawn Whiteing, Wassim Yahiaoui

YEAR 9 - Daniel Abolarinwa, Ashley Chaney, Hassan Chaudhry, Jamil Graham

YEAR 10 - Sam Bioni, Jake Claydon, Christian Campbell, Berkay Yilmaz

YEAR 11 - Angus Gould, Kidy Kassett, Keece Parell, Armani Sheehan

Trials Results - Wednesday May 24th

YEAR 1 - Ayden Addo, Zayn Ali-Hughes, Harry Almeida O’Keefe, Henry Ashworth, Johnny Beacon, Ben Bradbury, Jack Crossland, Casper Cutler, Rhyley Mathuva, Leo Walker

YEAR 2 - Jay Barbosa, George Clays, Ishmael Douglas- Warner, Hamish Johnston, Mahdi Laidi, Theo Layzell, Conor McGloughlin, Jaheim Scafe, Sam Way

YEAR 3 - Chris Arthur, Henry Brook, Chase Kennedy-Nunez, Junior Kyeremateng, Michael McBride, Gethin Parry, Luke Sharman, Sven William-Laile

YEAR 4 - Johnny Gardner

YEAR 5 - Wani Beya, Angus Heritage, Will Mather, Noah Nzuzi, Max Ostroverkhov, Callum Richards

YEAR 6 - Nicolo Archetta, Floyd Brown, Bradley Kandu, Joseph McKenzie, Ollie Riddington, Mattia Spennato, Oliver Wrobel

YEAR 7 - Daniel Claydon, Sonny Hill, Max Mulcahy, Micaiah Thomas

YEAR 8 - Denardo Brooks, Joseph Ebernero-Parker, Charlie Howard, Harry Layzell, Daniel Moore, Dante Morgan, Jake Riddington, David Soriagalvarro, Euan Stewart, Billy Swift

YEAR 9 - Belal Alaassi, Jozef Rezai

YEAR 10 - Tariq Abduelatief, Marcel Binek, Yousef Boutouli, Yasin Chowdhury, Juan Florez, Daniel Iliev, Joachim Javel, Daniel Prefontaine, Rui Tome

YEAR 11 - Adrian Czubak